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Health Care Reform 2011: Where are we now?

Webinar Date: 
April 20, 2011

Speaker: John Coburn, JD
Senior policy attorney for Health & Disability Advocates

To download a copy of the slides, please click here.

It has been one year since health care reform legislation was passed.  Several changes went into effect in the fall of last year and additional changes will be introduced in 2011.  Although the legislation is facing legal challenges implementation is moving forward.  This webinar will review major changes that have occurred to date, changes on the horizon and the prospects for continued implementation.  We will identify the impact health care reform has had for vulnerable populations such as those with low or limited incomes, people with disabilities, the elderly and people who in the past have had difficulty getting health insurance.

During this webinar, we will
  • Gain a working knowledge of the relevant provisions of the law that have been implemented to date to assure those you serve are accessing the protection or coverage they need.
  • Discuss the overall structure of how uninsured can access coverage in 2014 and beyond to help you prepare for those changes.
  • Begin to better understand the subsidies that will assist those you serve in affording coverage. 
  • Review how the law impacts those already covered under Medicare and Medicaid.
  • Update participants on efforts through litigation or otherwise to repeal healthcare reform.
  • Review what is being on the state level so that participants can connect with those efforts to advocate on behalf of those they serve.