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Managing Medication Costs - Discount Card

Webinar Date: 
November 12, 2009

Drug discount cards can play an important role in helping your clients manage their medication costs. For individuals who are underinsured, ineligible for traditional patient assistance programs or even those with Medicare Part D, discount cards may offer opportunities for lowering prescription bills. During this webinar Robert McEwan, CEO of MEDBANK of Maryland, Inc. will provide an overview of the various types of discount cards, how to select the best card for your clients and how to integrate the discount cards into your prescription assistance programs.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to create a set plan for approaching your clients specific circumstances.
  • The value of discount cards and how your clients can maximize them at their local pharmacy.
  • How discount cards can help your clients with prescription drug coverage acheive additional cost savings.

Click here to download presentation.