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Health Care Reform

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posted: 05/29/2010

Brochure from the federal goverment describing the rebate available for Medicare beneficiaries who have reached the doughnut hole.

posted: 02/18/2011

This letter outlines specific considerations GOP leaders are asking the HHS administration to make before exchanges are implemented.

posted: 08/23/2011

A listing of some less well known health care reform initiatives.

posted: 08/09/2011

A map and explanation of what is happening in each state in terms of creating health insurance exchanges.

posted: 02/08/2012

This article from Stateline describes state health care exchanges and essential benefits.

posted: 05/29/2010

Charts detailing the health care reform timeline for closing the doughnut hole that now exits in Medicare Part D.

posted: 05/18/2010

Timeline of health reform changes affecting Medicare

posted: 05/18/2010

Key provisions that take effect immediately

posted: 05/29/2010

A timeline of  changes to the Medicare Prescription Drug Program resulting from health care reform.

posted: 02/08/2012

This press release from Milliman consulting describes what it considers to be key questions facing states as they move forward in creating the health insurance exchanges mandated by health care reform.

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