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How to Guides

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posted: 02/11/2009

Discover Total Resources: A Guide for Nonprofits is neither a textbook nor a directory. It is, rather, a descriptive checklist to be used as a guide, or self-audit, by boards, staff and volunteers to assess the degree to which they are tapping a full range of community resources: people, money, goods and services.

posted: 03/04/2009

Whether you are a small group of concerned people interested in starting a clinic in a church basement or a large community coalition with years of experience in public health, opening a free clinic can be an exciting and challenging endeavor. This manual is designed to answer many of the questions that arise as you plan to open a free clinic. If you have additional questions or would like to be put in touch with other clinicians and concerned individuals around the country who have started clinics, please contact Volunteers in Health Care.

posted: 02/11/2009

From Volunteers in Healthcare, a how-to guide to starting your own pharmaceutical access program.

posted: 02/11/2009

Although patient assistance programs provide many benefits, locating information on these programs and navigating the application process can be complex and overwhelming. This manual from Volunteers in Health Care is intended to serve as a reference for both individual prescribers and organizations that want to implement a PAP system to help patients who cannot afford needed medications.

posted: 02/11/2009

This manual was developed to provide information to free clinics regarding regulations and subsequent exemptions to parts of those regulations issued by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in December, 2000. These regulations address the donation of physician samples to charitable institutions.

posted: 02/11/2009

What follows is a basic guide for trustees to apply when embarking on capital campaigns. The same rules apply to other fundraising efforts as well. It’s just that capital campaigns are larger, last longer, and involve the entire organization.

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