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Health Care Access and Benefits Programs

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posted: 01/20/2011

The Access Project website includes links to AIDS and HIV services by state, including AIDS Drug Assistance Program information.

posted: 01/21/2011

A clear guide on helping Medicare enrollees who have lost their low income subsidy but may still be eligible for Extra Help with Part D.

posted: 05/23/2009

This booklet from the Social Security Administration describes the process for applying for adult disability benefits.  It includes checklists and worksheets to help organize and support the application process.

posted: 01/20/2011

Benefits.gov is the federal portal for information about all federal assistance and uses a series of questions to eligibility for programs. 

posted: 01/20/2011

This government website provides clear information on finding public or private health insurance options in each state in the U.S.

posted: 01/18/2011

A resource list compiled by RxAssist staff.

posted: 02/16/2011

The Foundation for Health Coverage Education helps individuals find state specific health insurance coverage.  Individuals may telephone the call center, download descriptions of public and private programs available and/or find applications in the state by state application and enrollment data base.

posted: 01/19/2011

This list, compiled by RxAssist staff, identifies sources for free or low cost medical supplies and equipment.

posted: 05/23/2009

This detailed booklet gives an overview of programs and strategies for seeking free or
reduced-cost health care along with information about managing medical debts and is published by the National Endowment for Financial Education.

posted: 02/07/2011

This sample document, created by Robert A. Forester, MD; Richard J. Heck, MD, appeared in the Family Practice Management periodical.  It accompanied their article "What You Can Do to Help Your Uninsured Patients":  Family Practice Management 2009;16(5):21-24.

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