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Insurance Information

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posted: 01/21/2011

A clear guide on helping Medicare enrollees who have lost their low income subsidy but may still be eligible for Extra Help with Part D.

posted: 05/23/2009

This booklet from the Social Security Administration describes the process for applying for adult disability benefits.  It includes checklists and worksheets to help organize and support the application process.

posted: 01/20/2011

This government website provides clear information on finding public or private health insurance options in each state in the U.S.

posted: 02/16/2011

The Foundation for Health Coverage Education helps individuals find state specific health insurance coverage.  Individuals may telephone the call center, download descriptions of public and private programs available and/or find applications in the state by state application and enrollment data base.

posted: 01/20/2011

This website provides an interactive map to find state specific information about Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plans.

posted: 04/23/2011

FAQs giving information on the health insurance plans available for individuals with pre-existing conditions.  These plans are available in every state, as required by health care reform legislation

posted: 01/18/2011

This is a state by state guide that includes public and private health coverage options compiled by the Foundation for Health Coverage Education. 

Clear color coded charts give detailed information.

posted: 05/23/2009

A detailed booklet describing how health insurance works and options for getting and
keeping coverage, published by the National Endowment for Financial Education.

posted: 02/07/2011

A clear and easy to understand description of steps to take when a medication isn't covered under Medicare Part D.

posted: 02/07/2011

An easy to read and understand booklet that describes how to choose prescription drug plans and how to appeal plan decisions.

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