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Health Care Access and Benefits Programs

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posted: 02/16/2011

This sample document, created by Robert A. Forester, MD; Richard J. Heck, MD, appeared in the Family Practice Management periodical.  It accompanied their article "What You Can Do to Help Your Uninsured Patients":  Family Practice Management 2009;16(5):21-24.

posted: 04/23/2011

FAQs giving information on the health insurance plans available for individuals with pre-existing conditions.  These plans are available in every state, as required by health care reform legislation

posted: 03/04/2009

A list of programs that offer free or low cost health care, such as free clinics or FQHCs, and other resources that might know of such programs.

posted: 01/18/2011

This is a state by state guide that includes public and private health coverage options compiled by the Foundation for Health Coverage Education. 

Clear color coded charts give detailed information.

posted: 05/23/2009

A detailed booklet describing how health insurance works and options for getting and
keeping coverage, published by the National Endowment for Financial Education.

posted: 02/07/2011

A clear and easy to understand description of steps to take when a medication isn't covered under Medicare Part D.

posted: 02/07/2011

An easy to read and understand booklet that describes how to choose prescription drug plans and how to appeal plan decisions.

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