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Part D: Program Information for Enrollees

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posted: 02/18/2011

This fact sheet explains how the reduction in medication costs during the doughnut hole will work.

posted: 02/16/2011

This document describes the process for appealing decisions made by Part D plans regarding drug coverage.

posted: 05/29/2010

A timeline of  changes to the Medicare Prescription Drug Program resulting from health care reform.

posted: 04/23/2011

A brief fact sheet on how the Part D doughnut hole discounts work.

posted: 01/20/2011

A step-by-step guide appeals by a leading Medicare rights advocacy organization.

posted: 02/08/2009

A brief fact sheet developed by RxAssist staff.

posted: 01/20/2011

A website hosted by Legal Services for the Elderly in Maine.   The site has a clear FAQ section.

posted: 04/23/2011

A description of how health care reform legislation is gradually closing the doughnut hole.

posted: 02/11/2009

Medicare Part D Coverage Determination Request Form

posted: 02/07/2011

A clear and easy to understand description of steps to take when a medication isn't covered under Medicare Part D.

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