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Database Search Help

The RxAssist database contains eligibility information and applications for over 150 pharmaceutical company patient assistance programs. The database can help you find out whether a drug is available , which pharmaceutical company program offers the drug and how to apply for the medication.

How do I search the database?

In order to use the database, you must register either as a provider or patient.  If you are already registered, login.

1.  Click the 'Search Database' tab or find the search box in the Provider Center or Patient Center pages.


2.  Choose how you want to search:

Drug name:
To search for a medication by brand name or generic name, select "search by drug name." Then, enter either then complete name of the medication, or the first few letters. If you type in the full name, the name must be spelled correctly in order for the database to find that medication.  If you are unsure how to spell a drug name, type in as many letters as you know to be correct.  If you type the only the first letter, the results will include all generics and brand names that begin with that letter.

Company name:
To search a company name, select "search by company name," then type the company's name into the search term box.

RxOutreach generic medications:
To search the RxOutreach program select the "search by RxOutreach" button and follow the same instructions as those above for drug name.  When searching by RxOutreach, the results will only include medications available through this program.

3.  If you would like to search for multiple drugs, click the advance search button.  Then, enter the items in the search boxes that pop up.

4. After you have entered information in the search box, if the database finds a match a Search Results page will appear.  (If there is only one program available for a medication, you will be taken directly to the Program Details page.)

5. Click the underlined hyperlink of the medication you want in the Search Results page, and you will be taken to the Program Details page.

6. The Program Details page includes eligibility criteria and information on how to apply to the program.  If an application is available for a program, you will see "Application Forms and Instructions" to the right with links to download the application.   


7. If an application is available online, you can either open (download) the application, type information directly onto the application on the screen and print it out or print out the application and fill it out by hand.  If there is no application online, use the phone number provided at the top of the Program Details page to call the company for information on how to get an application.

I searched for my medication and there is more than one company listed. Why?

When you search for a medication more than one company may have that medication available in its PAP. This happens because the medication is available as both a brand name and as a generic. You should look through the eligibility criteria for all of the programs to determine which one will be right for you. To see the detailed information for each program, click on the medication name and it will bring you to the correct page.

What if my medication is not listed in the search results?

RxAssist only includes medications that are available through patient assistance programs. If your medication is not listed, it most likely means that the medication is not available through a patient assistance program. If you believe that the program does exist, please contact us.

If the medication is not available, you may contact the manufacturer of the medication directly to see if the medication could be sent to you. It is best if a physician's office or other advocate makes this request to the company.

My medication is listed, but there is no form available. What do I do?

Follow the instructions on the program details page to contact the pharmaceutical company directly to request a form. Some programs require that only a physician request the application form.

What do I need to view the forms available online?

You must have Adobe Acrobat to view the forms (available in PDF only). You can download a free copy of the latest version of Acrobat at Adobe.com.



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