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Programs That Offer Free or Low Cost Health Care

Community health centers

Community health centers exist in many parts of the country. These clinics

have sliding fee scales based on an individual's income.  To find a community health center near you visit:

Find a Health Center


Free Clinics

Free clinics provide health care for free or very little cost to uninsured individuals.  They also help patients find free or low cost medication.  For a list of free clinic associations visit:

Free Clinic List



Public hospitals, public health departments and/or private not for profit hospitals in your town may be able to help you as well.  Your state health department should be able to tell you how to make contact with these health care providers.

State Health Departments


Social Service Agencies & Programs

Local social service agencies or religious groups may have emergency funds for medication purchases.  Try United Way, Salvation Army, Goodwill or a church, synagogue or mosque for help.  For information about programs where you live visit:

211 Information and Referral for Help


Disease specific

If you have a specific disease look for national organizations advocating for people with your condition.  For a list of organizations that might help visit:

Financial Assistance for Chronic Diseases

Survivorship A-Z


Insurance options

To find what public or private insurance might meed your needs visit:

Insurance options


Your doctor or pharmacist may also know about where to get free or discounted medication and other health services.


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