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Drug Discount Card FAQs

What are drug discount cards?
Drug discount cards are plans that offer discounts on medicine. These programs may be created by a state government, membership associations, non-profit organizations or for-profit businesses.

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Are drug discount cards a form of insurance?
No, these cards are not insurance, but they may help reduce medication costs.

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How much do drug discount cards cost?
Some cards are free, some have an enrollment fee or annual fee and some have monthly fees. Annual fees generally range between $30 and $60 for families; monthly fees generally range from $4.75 to $7.95 per month.

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How do I pick a drug discount card?
Before using one of these plans, we suggest that you look into the following:


  • Is there an income limit? (Do you qualify?)
  • Is there an age limit? (Do you qualify?)
  • Do you have to be a member of an association to get this discount?
  • Does the plan cover you alone, you and your spouse, or your entire family?


  • Is this plan for medication only or is it part of health, vision and/or dental coverage?
  • Is there a membership/enrollment/annual fee?
  • Is there a monthly fee?
  • What are your co-payments?
  • Are there additional shipping and handling fees?
  • Will the money you save be more than the money you spend on enrollment fees, co-payments, and other fees?


  • Are drugs provided through a mail-order pharmacy or a walk-in pharmacy?
  • Do you have to use a "participating pharmacy?" (Are these convenient to you?)
  • Are the drugs you need covered by the plan?
  • What drugs are not covered by the plan?
  • Does the plan cover both generic and brand name drugs?
  • Is the % discount the same for generic and brand name drugs?
  • Is the discount off the retail price? (Make sure the plan is really saving you money compared to what you would normally pay at your local pharmacy.)
  • Is there a limit on the benefits you can receive in a year?


  • Does the plan make available detailed description of coverage? (Make sure you get and read through all the written material regarding the discount card program)
  • Does the plan have a customer service number, preferably one that is toll-free?
  • What are the options for canceling this card? What is the policy on refunding your fees?

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What are discount pharmacy services?

Some stores have discount pharmacy services.  For example, Kmart pharmacies have a 90 day generics program, available anywhere in the country where there is a Kmart pharmacy.  Costco & Sam’s Club pharmacies often have competitive prices. Membership is not required to use the pharmacy services.  Check Costco & Sam's Club , for pharmacy locations.  Costco has a mail order pharmacy service, with no additional charges for standard shipping. 


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